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• Features bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm, powerful 1 tesla (1,000 gauss) magnetic circuit as 935.00 749.00 561.00 well as the magnesium die-cast housing to deliver supreme audio reproduction

• 50mm driver units with 1 tesla (1,000gauss) magnetic circuit for audio reproduction with low distortion and wide dynamic range

• Bio-dynamic diaphragm that offers rich lows, natural mid range and smooth highs

• Light weight and highly rigid magnesium die-cast used for the housing material

• Piezo-sheet inside the housing for dispersion of resonance as well as high damping treatment

• Ear pads made of “Idemitsu Grancuir” material realizing comfortable texture by protein combination derived from egg, with as much as 60% lighter than genuine leather

• No headphone stand comes in the package. Model ST300 is recommended for package sales with the TH600.

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